As defined in the ToR, the expert support to be provided under this assegnment to Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step (SbS) will focus on the following areas:

 -Establishing and managing project partnerships and networking on regional and EU level;

-Designing project applications for EU funds and programs;

-Developing/writing an actual project application for EU funding, and

-Developing electronic directory of international donors and funds in the field of education

Trainers will closly working with DETRA Centar and Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step (SbS) team in oder to:

 -Conduct a training needs assessment for SbS participatingstaff members;

-Prepare timetable for each training and technical assistance services with detailed descriptions adapted/tailor-made to the needs of SbS staff members

-Prepare trainings with clearly defined learning objectives and methods that are going to be used to achieve objectives from the ToR

-Determine the most effective delivery methods and applicable training instruments for the trainees to achieve training objectives and measurable outcomes, including appropriate training techniques

-Develop and deliver training handouts and other training/learning materials and resources (guidelines, procedures etc), as requested in the ToR;

-Deliver online and in-house/on the spot training and mentoring services as specified in the ToR

-Prepare supportive training and other learning materials and resources (training agenda, handouts, presentations, case-studies, reading materials)